Monday, November 24, 2008

Why Networking and the Part Time CFO

It is of great importance that the Part Time CFO goes out and networks. The main reason is for the CFO to network and establish relationships with the best service providers. These service providers should cover many different types of services. With this network the Chief Financial Officer can provide their client with options. These options will allow the client to compare quality, service and price. These options will provide the cornerstone of a cost reduction program. Networking should include but should not be limited to finding the following services:

Financing services
Credit card Services
Payroll Services
Property Casualty Insurance Services
Medical Insurance Services
Factoring Services
Mortgage Services
Leasing Services
Logistics Services
Telephone and Cell Phone Services
Banking Services
Office Supply Services
Storage Services
Travel Services
Freight Services
Advertising/Web Services
Internet Services
Computer Services
Graphic Art Services
Real Estate Services
Recruiting Services

With contacts with as many service providers as possible your CFO Services will be more valuable.