Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Chief Financial Officer and Communication

If the Chief Financial Officer or CFO is going to be successful they must have solid communication skills. It is even more important when you are a CFO Consultant because with multiple clients it can be challenging to communicate with multiple clients.

Rule number one for good communications is a good communicator is responsible for both the sending and receiving of communication. You cannot be a good communicator if you are only going to be responsible for what you send out. You must also be responsible for what you receive in to make sure what the other person is saying is understood. It is important for the Part Time CFO to identify the clients needs and wants and that is where good communication comes into play.

Where communication starts to break down is when one of the people engaging in the communication does not like someone else in the communication loop. This dislike gets in the way of agreement and understanding and their must be agreement and understanding if there is going to be good communication. On the other hand you can have people who like each other in the communication loop but who do not agree or understand each other and that results in another breakdown of communication.

Therefore the objective of good communication is to have a liking and respect for the person or people in the communication loop and to attain an agreement and understanding. Once these objectives are accomplished good communication will result.

Having good communication skills and also being able to impart good communication skills to your clients organization helps the CFO perform another valuable CFO Service.