Sunday, November 27, 2011

CFO Services - Another Cash Conservation Strategy

As a Part Time CFO performing CFO Services it is my responsibility to identify all the ways a business can conserve cash. This includes providing cash savings guidance for services I do not perform. The best example of this is during this time of year I always advise my clients to have their year end tax planning meeting with their CPA or Income Tax preparer.

These year end meetings many more times than not help the business owner reduce their current year tax liability and conserve cash flow for the business. Certainly most of the strategies evolve around purchasing vehicles, equipment or some type of fixed asset before the end of the year, but there are other year end strategies especially for cash basis taxpayers that are discussed like paying as many expenses as possible before year end and the proper timing of the year end billings.

Virtually every CPA or Income Tax Preparer provides these year end tax planning sessions. They usually last no more than an hour and can even be done over the phone and it can be the most profitable hour in November/December that you will ever spend.

A CFO should have many resources to help the business owner through these challenging times. One of those resources should be good CPA’s and Tax Preparers. If you are in need of a good CPA please feel free to contact me.

Michael Barbarita

Next Step CFO

CFO Services