Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The CFO Provides the Tools for Success

It is often said, that in order to succeed in business you need 3 things. One is the ability to take action. Two is Self Mastery which is taking control of your mind and thoughts and three is you need the proper tools.

The ability to take action and self mastery come from within, but the proper tools can come from a good CFO.

Your CFO needs to use tools that:

1. How much cash they will have or need at any point in the future.
2. Allows business owner to choose multiple scenarios to see what can happen if:

* Sales/revenues change up or down.
* Expenses change up or down.
* Inventory changes up or down.
* Debt structure increases or decreases.
* Capital Expenditures increase or decrease.
* Headcounts increase or decrease.

3. Determines optimum inventory levels.
4. Determines optimum timing of making trade and expense payables and determines
how much to pay.
5. Determines a company's ability to make capital expenditures.
6. Determines whether a company should lease or buy capital equipment.
7. Determines when a business owner can retire and still pull out a paycheck from the
8. Determines how much debt you will have at any particular point in time.
9. Determines what the business owner has to do to increase cash flow.
10. Determines Break even points.
11. Determines optimum inventory receipts or manufacturing output.
12. Determines optimum expense levels.
13. Helps develop operating budgets.
14. Helps determine optimum headcount.
15. Assists in determining Business Valuation.
16. Helps Determine key operating metrics.
17. Determines the effect of adding or eliminating a product line or business segment.
18. Determines the effect of adding or eliminating a store location.

With the proper tools from the CFO the tripod of success can be completed and success will be achieved.