Sunday, August 2, 2009

Do you know if you need cash?

How Much Money do I need to run my Business???

This is the question many business owners ask. Sure, start up entrepreneurs ask this question too, but I also want to address everyday business owners whether they have been in business for one year or thirty years they need to know how much money they are going to need to run their business. Their time horizon can be a month a year or five years, but they need to know if they have to put money in their business, get money from other sources or if they do not need money at all. If business owners knew in advance how much cash they needed or how much cash on hand that they had at different levels of sales volumes and expenses they would have time to react. As a business owner, I say tell me when it is cloudy not when it is raining. Next Step CFO has a sophisticated forecasting modeling tool called CashTell that can tell business owners what their cash position will be at any point in the future giving the business owner a great advantage in preparing for what is to come. CashTell was developed by Next Step CFO and is exclusively available to Next Step CFO clients.