Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pricing Your Product

Creativity in pricing has never been needed more than during these challenging economic times. The Part Time CFO has to help the small business owner strategize their pricing program. I am a major advocate for small business and small business owners. The small business owner really needs to be creative as they are constantly going up against the big guy who is heavily discounting in order to obtain market share. In the meantime, the small business owner cannot compete because if they do they will be selling their product for near or below cost and that will bring them down. If you are a retailer you can at least put pressure on suppliers to speak with these bigger companies who are discounting and you can use special make ups and good close outs to compete. I know it is not easy, but be happy you are not a service operation where the only way you can compete is better service. My only advice to the service organization is to develop strategic partnerships. (see my post on Strategic Partnerships) The right strategic partnerships will help you to keep pace with these big guys who are ruining the market and give you the best chance to compete.

There is a tendency for small business to expand their product lines in other areas during these difficult economic times. I think that is a mistake because you lose your focus on what you do best and there is always more of an investment in a new product or service than anticipated preventing the business owner from investing in what they do best. New product lines also dilute your advertising dollars.

The pricing strategy during these challenging economic times is one of the many valuable CFO Services.