Saturday, October 18, 2008

Diversity in CFO Services

In todays business world I think it is important for the Chief Financial Officer or CFO to be diverse in their capabilities. Since everything in business revolves around money and it is an important CFO Service and an important CFO duty to be responsible and manage money, the CFO really has to know a lot about business and business ownership compelling the CFO to be diverse. Even though the CFO is not an expert in marketing, manufacturing or in other aspects of a business it is helpful if they have knowledge in those out of focus areas of business. One way the CFO can do this is to develop a deeper knowledge in a particular facet of those out of focus areas.

For example, one area the Part Time CFO can provide some insight and really help clients is in certain aspects of marketing, particularly website marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A good SEO strategy can help the business obtain top positions on Google and other search engines giving the client an internet presence enhancing their current marketing strategy. Once again this is an example of the importance of diversity of a CFO.

One SEO strategy that will help you get top positions on Google is the use of an RSS Feed. An RSS feed allows new fresh up to the minute content to go into a website. A good example of an RSS Feed is Reuters who services many news related websites with up to the minute news around the world through an RSS Feed. The best way for a business to use an RSS feed is to start a blog about their business and write articles daily about their business using key word rich content. Most Blogs have an RSS feed connection and connect the RSS Feed from the Blog to your website and every time you write an article about your business and post it to your blog it will change the content of your website. When you change the content of your website the search engine crawlers index your site. The more you change the content the more you get indexed by the search engines and indexing increases your search engine ranking.